Our culture is our start up for the future


The Festival of the Traveller,
Segafredo Zanetti Prize – Asolo
is created and organized by
InArtEventi - cultura in movimento (culture in motion).

InArtEventi is an association, a platform, a meeting point. Here professionals gather (actors, musicians, journalists, writers, IT-professionals, artisans, film-makers, photographers, editors…) who are able to create, plan and promote events at a touristic and cultural level, to structure and organize events for companies, for publications and for strategic communications.

“We believe that the field of creativity has no limits and that it is the place where the contents are extremely real, clear and visionary. Creativity is the fast track through which these contents can reach everybody and hence inform, support and entertain. If creativity is linked to the region and to its history and is put to the service of technology and of the new languages of communication, it can be a powerful promoter of innovation, aggregation and growth.

(Emanuela Cananzi - Presidet of InArtEventi)