Segafredo Zanetti - UN LIBRO UN FILM

Asolo (TV)

27 - 28 - 29 SEPTEMBER 2019

Every life is a journey and every journey is a metaphor of life.

The Festival of the Traveller intends to explore the dimension of the journey in all its different aspects: experienced paths, dreams of travellers who move between worlds, from art to journalism, from literature to economy, from geography to expedition, from theatre to "fragrance design", from cinema to fashion, from radio to music.

Three days long Asolo will change into an open-air living room. The travellers will tell their stories while sitting in the cafés, in the private gardens of the villas, in those historical palaces, where famous people lived, in the theatre devoted to Eleonora Duse or under the loggia and in the cloister of the convent.



The traveller is someone who has a story to tell, a point of view to share or simply a vision of the future.

The traveller offers the audience, who are themselves travellers, paths which are creative, geographical, existential, sentimental, entrepreneurial, sensorial. The traveller is the artist as well as the writer, the journalist and the explorer, the geographer and the musician, the office worker and the economist, the librarian and the priest, the artisan and the melomaniac, the actor and the insurance broker, the graffiti sprayer and the cartoonist, the auctioneer and the architect …